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Koe'sister Autumn 2023: Digital

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The Autumn 2023 issue of Koe'sister Magazine is now available for purchase, featuring recipes and stories as told on the Facebook group, Lockdown Recipe Storytelling Book.

What started out as a call for family recipes turned into a platform where people shared the heritage stories behind each recipe. The stories emulated pride; memories of a time long, long ago; some filled with pain, others joy.

As a result, Koe'sister was born.

In This Issue

  • Cookbook author Cariema Isaacs tals about her writing process and life in Dubai.
  • Loadshedding Diaries: Home cooks share their trials tribulations and trick to deal with the inevitable.
  • Grow your own micro greens.
  • 16 ways with chicken.
  • Seafood recipes to try at home.

Issue date: April 2023

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