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The Lockdown Recipe Storytelling Book

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The Lockdown Recipe Storytelling Book is a compilation of the stories and recipes that emerged from online conversations among the members from the Lockdown Recipe Storytelling Book, a Facebook initiative curated by Ingrid Jones.

Initially, a straightforward call for sharing family recipes, the conversations that arose evolved into a celebration of the food and our families today - stories of pride, of memories of a time long, long ago, some filled with pain, ver-strek dishes for special occasions when many had to be fed, shopping trips that were about family, making kickass preserves and jam, Friday being fish day, food that nourished the soul and Ma's trifle and showing off our baking skills passed on from generation to generation.

From cakes to koe'sisters, bobotie to bredies and breyani, waterblommetjies to smoked snoek smoortjie and pickled fish- all have found their way to our tables. And have brought with them the histories that we share.

Everyday South Africans threw themselves into this project. These are their stories.

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