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10 Tips To Hygge Your Home

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Hygge is the Danish ‘recipe’ to “live well”. Described as a lifestyle based on cosiness, comfort, contentment and well-being – it’s clear why the Danish are considered to be among the happiest people in the world.

Although hygge is not only about physical surroundings, creating a cosy and calm environment is a large part of the concept. From your bedroom to the kitchen, transforming your home to follow the hygge lifestyle is easier than you think.

Claire Robinson, Woolworths Head of Trend and Design for Homeware says “the hygge way of living is easily achieved by adding a few key décor items. Although hygge has become a trend over the past few years, it is a timeless approach to decorating your home”.

Here are Claire’s top 10 tips on achieving hygge in your home:

Tone it down

The colour scheme in your home should create a calm, peaceful and warm atmosphere. Whether you achieve that through combining pastels with shades of grey, or layer on the jewel tones, your choices will affect the overall atmosphere.

Add natural elements

Bring in furniture or display items made of natural materials. Whether wood, stone or fibres, items made from natural resources will help you feel closer to nature, which is an important part of the hygge concept.

Throw in a throw

Dress up a couch or an occasional chair with layers of soft throws. Throws are great way to bring in a feeling of cosiness and comfort.

Decorate with candles

The soft and gentle glow of candlelight is perfect to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and if they’re beautifully scented candles, the effect is a lovely mood.

Light it up

Overhead lights are practical but can sometimes be harsh, so use table lamps to bring light into specific areas to create a pleasing ambience.

Create an inviting bedroom

Dress your bed with luxurious and silky-smooth linen, a cloud-soft duvet and comfortable pillows. Pile on a cuddly blanket and stack a few cushions together to create the ideal hygge sleep space.

Introduce texture

Create interest in your living space by adding layers of texture, with items such as a patterned décor pieces, woven baskets, and tactile fabrics from cushions and throws.

Display memories

Strategically place photographs of loved ones and happy moments to create that hygge feeling of comfort and joy.

Keep it simple

Get rid of clutter… And if you can’t get rid of it, hide it! Organize small items by storing them in attractive display boxes or baskets.

Dine with your loved ones

Nothing is more special or important than spending time with those closest to you. Invite loved ones for a lovingly prepared meal, set a beautiful table, and enjoy good company.

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