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5 Ways Alcohol Consumption Is Changing

Since the start of the pandemic, every aspect of life has changed in some way and just like other markets and behaviours alcohol consumption also took on a new form. With lockdown regulations limiting when and where South African's could drink home consumption of alcoholic beverages has increased.

According to alcohol e-commerce platform, Drizly, consumer trends that were expected to play out over the next decade were instead accelerated into a few months. While a return to some measure of normalcy may reverse or modify some of these changes, most of the trends observed in the beverage market over 2020 are expected to continue. We take a look at 5 ways alcohol consmuption is changing and the trends driving it.

Pandemic trends will persist

The pandemic served to introduce new beverage alcohol trends in 2020 and accelerate others, and while consumers eagerly anticipate a normalisation of everyday life in 2021, don’t expect these trends to disappear. Retailers should expect the fastest-growing categories of 2020, consumer behaviours, such as at-home cocktail making, and cooking, to remain strong in 2021.

Hard seltzer gets craftier

The new Hard Seltzer category - sparkling water blended with alcohol and fruit flavouring - will solidify its position, occupying more space this year, marked by more upscale ingredients, artisanal flavours and elevated packaging.

Transparency and health-consciousness

As consumers become more health conscious across the board, expect them to have even more demands of the products they consume. Healthier alternatives, such as low calorie, organic, biodynamic, and even non-alcoholic drinks were already on the rise – expect to see more in the coming year.

Consumers will be more conscious of brand ownership and values

Consumer consciousness for the values of the brands and establishments they frequent will continue to be a focus in 2021, and we expect that individual businesses will be increasingly transparent about their own values in response.

Consumers will continue to shop more online

With traditional shopping venues closed or severely limiting capacity in the early part of the year, online sales are poised to continue playing a key role throughout 2021. Even as conditions begin to normalize as the year goes on, this shift to e-commerce won’t disappear.

Now that consumers have been introduced to the accessibility and convenience of purchasing alcohol online, they are likely to continue to e-commerce as the experience and convenience of shopping online only continues to improve.

With ever-changing needs, the new Flying Fish Seltzer, fits into each of these trend sets and aims to change the local industry.

It is a flavourful and refreshing sparkling alcoholic drink for any occasion - casual get-togethers, outdoor experiences, picnics in the park, chill-out-at-home vibes, post gym sessions, after work drinks, club nights, and many more. It comes in two flavour options – Lemon & Lime and Raspberry - with an ABV of 5.5%, low sugar of 0.5g/100ml and low calories of 35kCals/100ml.

Packaged in a premium 300ml slim can, Flying Fish Seltzer is a convenient ready to drink beverage for any occasion and for anyone. You can enjoy the flavoured sparkling alcoholic water straight out of the can, with a straw or in a glass dressed with fruits – however you like.

The new beverage can be found at your nearest Pick n Pay Liquor or on Pick n Pay online and Bottles.



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