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Bless Yourself With Beautiful Bantu Knots

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Bantu Knots are undoubtedly a kinky or curly girl’s best friend. What exactly are Bantu knots you ask? They’re small coiled buns that are secured against the side of the head, and as a hairstyle, it has been around for hundreds of years right here in Africa.

Bantu Knots are having their moment in the sun as the natural hair movement flourishes, because it’s a great style that does double duty. Firstly, they serve as a super cute protective style because your ends are neatly tucked away and when you’re ready to let them out, you get popping curls!

However, the one thing you don’t want to do is get this style wrong. Bless yourself with beautiful Bantu knots by using the right products and technique.

For more information check out The Perfect Hair’s comprehensive Hair Bible

What makes Bantu knots even better? Hair that’s properly cared for, of course. South African Natural Hair influencer and hair coach, Raquel (from the Curl Factory), shares a top tip for great hair using the Grow on the Go line from The Perfect Hair.



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