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Buy A Wonderbag Today

From the 24th August 2023 until the end of Women’s Month, Wonderbag have a special deal where the public can order two Wonderbags for only R121 through, including delivery to a Pargo pick-up point of your choice.

The concept of the campaign is that “we stand ONE TWO ONE, as South African women, walking side by side”. The company the hopes to assist South African women through this campaign, hence the specific R121 price point.

Staying true to the essence of the Wonderbag brand that hold women at the heart of who they are as a business, this recent Wonderbag initiative is one of a few that the Wonderbag team have rolled out in August 2023. Also being carried out during Women’s Month by the Wonderbag team, has been a forward-reaching initiative through their Wonder Women network that aims to establish a cycle of Women empowerment within communities.

“Our network of Wonder Women will be given Shoprite vouchers to purchase ingredients and prepare nourishing meals for fellow women, showcasing the benefits of cooking in a Wonderbag – especially for those who use wood, paraffin and electricity as their main source of energy to cook,” explains Sarah Collins, the founder of Wonderbag.

To support the Wonder Women initiatives visit or


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