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Festive Ice Cubes

Give your favourite summer drink some colour and extra flavour.

“Who says ice blocks can’t have colour? I made these (below) using lemon and cucumber slices, mint leaves and purple pansy flowers. Next on my list are rose petal ice blocks, as well as lavender ice sticks. Let’s give our favourite summer drink some colour and flavour. See what mini containers you have and fill-and-freeze. I particularly like the idea of using containers other than ice block trays for variation.” - Surita Riffel

“I use edible flowers, strawberries and mint leaves. It really makes drinks look so festive. I love adding sprigs of rosemary or thyme to drinks especially in the various gin drinks I make.” - Carmen Siologas

“I do this all the time. And I also add colour or edible glitter.” Juanita van Sitters


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