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Get That Head To Toe Glow

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Who doesn't love a multi-purpose beauty product? The effortlessness of being able to apply one product from head to toe is so appealing that Magnolia and Cocoa Heaven Tissue Oil by Bramley is now being made available in a bigger 250ml value pack.

Bramley Tissue oils are South Africa's #1 best-selling tissue oil and with so many uses it's not hard to see why.

Magnolia's floral fragrance combining the scents of magnolia, carnation, and rose has been voted the best-loved fragranced tissue oil.

This amazing formulation is enriched with vitamin E and Bio-Pharm oil; the latter being made up of waxy lipid molecules known as ceramides, which has become a modern scientific treatment that influences the water holding capacity of the skin and provides structural integrity while protecting against pollution and stress damage.

Loyal customers swear by this tissue oil’s ability to help get rid of stretch marks, scar tissue, and very dry skin as well as maintaining and improving the overall health of their skin.

Bramley Tissue Oils can also be used to:

  • strengthen brittle nails

  • add a glossy shine to lips as a lip balm,

  • nurture and thicken eyelashes,

  • condition hair or treat an itchy scalp,

  • moisturise the skin as a luxurious body lotion,

  • soften skin as a bath oil or brilliant shaving balm and soothing massage oil, which is why the standard 100ml runs out fairly quickly.

The 250ml tissue oil is also available in Cocoa Heaven which is their dreamy yet exotic and indulgent range.

This luxuriously rich range enriched with signature, unique Bio-Pharm oil, and Vitamin E oil, provides protection and nourishment to your skin and leaves it feeling warm, beautiful, and glowing.

The delightfully appetizing fragrance is warm and vibrant, guaranteed to take you to your happy place.

The 100ml pack sells for R19,99 and the new 250ml value pack will sell for an amazing R39,99. Available in Pep Stores from 27 November 2020. While stocks last.



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