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How to Win Wash Day

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Natural haircare brand, The Perfect Hair, was developed by local female entrepreneur Taryn Gill who set out to create a range of effective products suitable for her own natural curly hair after being disappointed with the options available to her.

Over the last five years, The Perfect Hair has grown into the position of local premium brand in South Africa’s natural haircare category and boasts two ranges: Mango & Marula and Grow on the Go.

Designed with essential African oils and high-tech conditioning polymers, these products contain only the purest natural ingredients to deliver and seal in moisture and aid the styling process. Whether you’re after natural curls, Bantu knots or flat twists, the easy-to-use range will ensure you master your preferred style while preserving the health of your hair.

This week we share content from the Perfect Hair’s comprehensive Hair Bible, as well as videos from some of the countries renowned curly and kinky queens to help you master your mane using The Perfect Hair product range.

Wash day… these words send chills up even the most astute curl queen’s spine, but it really doesn’t have to. With the right products and the right technique, wash day can become a welcomed opportunity to bond with your beautiful mane.

For more information check out The Perfect Hair’s comprehensive Hair Bible

South African Natural Hair influencer and hair coach Raquel from the Curl Factory shares her quick Wash Day Routine using the Grow on the Go! Line from The Perfect Hair.

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