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Lean Into An Intentional Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Nicky Rowbotham is a woman on a mission to help everyday people create an amazing flow of energy that allows them to live their best lives.

Nicky, an author, speaker and leader in the professional space, has helped to build many successful businesses and teams throughout her career. "I absolutely love sharing the secrets and strategies I used to get things done in this fast-paced environment without burning out."

Her latest passion project is the Intentional Life Journal - a workbook that focuses on creating more moments and memories, and experiencing magic in your daily life.

The Journal encourages users to bring more consciousness to how they show up, create and experience moments and memories in life rather than staying on autopilot and chasing a checklist. According to Nicky the journal is intuitive and effortless to use and has been designed to fit into a conscious lifestyle with absolute ease.

“There was a time when I thought I’d be less successful, loved and important if I wasn’t always on. There is so much conditioning in our eco-systems, families, lives, workplaces and relationships that convinces us that in order to be successful, we have to struggle and do more.

“I want to show my readers that it's time to be more, not do more; that the key lies in being present, intentionally focused and living life now,” says Nicky.

Online Courses and Workshops

Using her years of experience and understanding of how a holistic approach to living can allow every person to become who they want to be and live the life they dream Nicky has also developed a variety of tools for this purpose.

“My personal life has also been one of great adventure, rooted in friendship and a deep commitment to holistic living that hinges on a wealth of scientific learning, as well as the insights of a tribe of incredible women,” Nicky enthuses.

Some of her tools, which are available from her website, include:

  • 7 Steps to Finding Flow, a book that allows the reader to find out what is behind their stress, how it impacts their energy, hormones and nervous system, and how they can move their nervous system into a state of flow by making choices that support their energy and living in harmony with their body.

  • Inspired | Change, a stationery collection of analogue tools for a digital age, ideal for goal-focused individuals who are ready to create positive change. This includes the Inspired Change Journal, Gratitude Attitude Journal, as well as notepads and online gift cards.

  • Complementary YouTube resources that speak to all the themes touched on in her journals and book.

Nicky will also be making online courses and workshops available soon.

Visit for more information and follow along @nickyrowbotham and @inspiredchangejournal



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