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Lockdown Recipe Stories As Told By You

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A spin-off of Mosadi Online, we are proud to present Koe'sister, a quarterly recipe story magazine that will be complemented by a special edition hard cover book just in time for Christmas 2020!

For those of you who haven't already heard, the Mosadi Online team is in the throes of production with Koe'sister - a quarterly recipe story magazine. When shared with family and friends, food transcends beyond its textbook definition. Smells, flavours and preparation are connected to family history - passed down from one generation to the next through storytelling. Across social statuses and racial lines, every family has a recipe (or two) that they cherish. Family recipes tell a story. They connect you to people or places… or memories.

The concept for a recipe story book originated from a Facebook community page called Lockdown Recipe Storytelling Book and everything took off from here.

What started out as a call for family recipes turned into a platform where people shared the heritage stories behind each recipe. The stories emulated pride; memories of a time long, long ago; some filled with pain, others joy.  

Click below to watch the interview with our Director of Content, Ingrid Jones.


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