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Pickling Made Easy

More time spent at home, new routines, and different ways of doing things have seen the rise of scratch cooking. People are leaning more towards learning how to make the favourites that they would otherwise have purchased from stores and restaurants.

In the spirit of encouraging this movement, Woolworths is launching a range of convenient do-it-yourself pickling condiments and salad dressings, so you can add just the right amount of tang and crunch to those scrumptious lunches at home, with minimal preparation time.

With the new range of pickling vinegars, you can make your own delicious, pickled vegetables in just 45 minutes. They’re locally made, and imbued with naturally fermented flavour infusions. Create perfectly pickled versions of your favourite veggies and add them to salads and sandwiches, or have them straight out of the jar.

Choose between Lightly Seasoned, Sweet and Sour, or Mediterranean pickling vinegar. Simply add sliced fruit or vegetables of your choice to the vinegar, allow them to stand, then add them to your favourite dish – they’re so versatile.

Try the Lightly Seasoned pickling vinegar with sliced beetroot and radishes with pink peppercorns. The Mediterranean pickling vinegar will work wonders with sliced garlic, lemon rind and baby tomatoes. And the Sweet and Sour vinegar is just the thing for sliced baby cucumber or cucumber chunks, fennel and red onion with chilli.

Jazz up salads with the new range of “craft your own” salad dressings, available in delicious flavours, to suit every mood and taste.

Locally made with the finest ingredients and cleaner ingredients statements, such as herbs and citrus, the dressings are available in three variants – all carefully prepared flavour combinations for that perfectly palatable taste. Find them in red pepper, sun-dried tomato & basil (refill); ginger, chilli & lemongrass dressing (refill) and spicy mustard & garlic (refill).

Experience the Woolworths flavour, quality and convenience with this exciting new range, aimed at keeping food preparation simpler, quicker and hassle-free.

Shop this range at a selected Woolworths store, or visit

Author: Raphaella Frame-Tolmie

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