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Resilient Like Rene

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

In pursuit of flexibility and freedom, motivational coach Rene Arendse took a leap of faith and started her own business. It took years before she discovered that the biggest battles we fight exist within our own minds. Through her work, Rene helps other women build resilience and emotional strength to help them bounce back when the going gets tough.

Rene Arendse, Motivaional Coach
Rene Arendse, Motivational Coach.

Give us a brief overview of your career history.

After 10 years in teaching and following the birth of my second baby, I knew the only way to gain flexibility and freedom with my time was to create my own income – that’s when I took a leap of faith and started my own business. I started off in direct sales where I discovered the powerful psychology behind sales and grew a team of over 180 powerful women. Seven years later, I realised how much I missed young children and started a music academy where I employed six part-time music teachers, teaching music performance and literacy at three different primary schools. My love for education in mother tongue led me to freelance projects with various Afrikaans non-profit organisations. Today, 15 years later, I marvel at the opportunities that this choice of personal freedom has created for me. As a motivational coach, I am able to gather all the lessons learnt over the past 15 years and be a cheerleader, soundboard, accountability partner, mentor and source of support to other women, in the same way that I needed when starting out as an entrepreneur.

What was your experience as a woman of colour navigating the entrepreneurial landscape?

I find that we are still fighting an exclusive and competitive narrative. My biggest discovery however, has been the realisation that the battles within our own minds are bigger than the fight with those beyond our control. We battle with deeper issues, such as what we think we deserve.

What brings you the most joy as a motivational coach, and why?

My biggest and most priceless moment is when I am able to change someone’s view of themself. That moment when someone rediscovers their very own greatness and power of choice is incredible.

Tell us more about your podcast show Her Own Business.

The Her Own Business Podcast series was created to fulfil a key requirement for every successful entrepreneur... to keep educating yourself. Every podcast will have the goal of building resilience and emotional strength to help her bounce back when the going gets tough, to help her rise above her circumstances, and become bigger than the things she cannot control. The Her Own Business website is currently under development.

Being a businesswoman juggling family and life in the modern world is a defining characteristic of the Mosadi woman. You have selected to share one of your podcasts on our platform. In what way do you feel the Mosadi woman can relate to this particular podcast?

The Mosadi woman is a dynamic one, who constantly reinvents and rediscovers herself. The podcast that I have selected to share focuses on the super power of every female entrepreneur – her power of choice. She has the power to choose her mindset: an autopilot mindset or a growth mindset. Each choice comes with its own set of results. Sometimes we don’t even realise that we are living out that choice. Watch the podcast here:

From where do you draw inspiration?

In the past, I used to be obsessed with inspirational books, which I still read. I have come to find that my inspiration lies in just being in the moment. By really being present. Every day is packed with so many lessons. When you greet your aged mom, you notice her wrinkles and appreciate her more. When you hug your husband and hear his heartbeat, and you say a little prayer. When you watch your child walk into the school gate and your heart swells with gratitude. Thus our business is merely a creative expression of who we are. This way the success or failure of our business will never define you.

What are the top songs on your playlist right now?

Giant by Calvin Harris, and anything by Lady Zamar, Bruno Mars and Harry Styles.

What book is currently on your nightstand?

Own Your Industry by Douglas Kruger.

Connect with Rene Arendse via Facebook and Instagram and check out her YouTube channel.

Author: Candice Landie

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