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Rocky Road Trifle

This version of the Christmas favourite is quick and easy, and very easy to adapt, so experiment and see what you prefer.

Love it or hate a trifle is a much loved South African dessert that features especially during Christmas. In my opinion, the reason most people do not like trifle is because it gets all mushy and looks like a hot mess.

I am not one for making desserts but I had a craving for trifle. I had some sugar-free vegan jelly I was keen to try out and made 4 smaller trifles.

Rocky Road Trifle

Verushka Ramasami


  • 1 shop-bought Madeira loaf

  • 1 sachet strawberry vegan jelly

  • 200 ml long life fresh cream (this is a staple in my kitchen and there's no need to whisk it as it is very thick)

  • 1 tin sliced peaches

  • 1 litre pouring custard

  • chopped almonds

  • salted caramel nuts

  • grated white chocolate

  • Chuckles, halved

  • sprinkles


  1. Slice the cake in slices and place them in a glass dish with a lid. Pour the liquid jelly and some of the sugar syrup from peaches over the sponge cake.

  2. Cover the cake and jelly with custard. Sprinkle over the chopped nuts and set peach slices around the edge of the dish.

  3. Pour fresh cream over and top with chopped peaches and nuts.

  4. Leave to set over night.

  5. Before serving, garnish with all sorts of yum.

  • You can also use tinned fruit cocktail instead of peaches.

  • Top with all your favourite candy.


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