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The Dry Shampoo Phenomenon

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Once just a standby for hair emergencies, dry shampoos have fast become a staple in more or less everyone’s beauty routine and even more so since lockdown hit last year. With many of us still working and studying remotely and practicing social distancing, dry shampoo has become particularly handy on days when we feel like skipping a wash day or two but still want our tresses to look fresh when we need to jump on that last-minute Zoom call.

Lockdown has taught us many things with one of them being to never underestimate the confidence-boosting power of a dry shampoo!

No longer do we turn to dry shampoo just to banish greasy roots; we also use it as a quick fix to breathe life into second-day styles and let us not forget to mention all the time and water you save washing your hair less frequently.

After all, we all know that washing your hair daily strips away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and well moisturised. As with most things in life, less is often more and when it comes to looking after your locks, less shampoo equals healthier hair.


A phenomenon when it comes to dry shampoos, COLAB, the multi-award-winning dry shampoo, created by a team of beauty industry experts is a favourite amongst many. Loved by all hair types, colours and textures, not only does COLAB offer powerful oil absorption but it’s completely invisible and smells amazing too. What’s more, COLAB is totally cruelty-free, against animal testing and vegan-friendly!

Developed using a very fine starch, COLAB’s innovative formula uses tiny particles to effectively absorb excess oil and grease from the scalp, whilst instantly refreshing roots. Because less product is sprayed onto the hair, COLAB dry shampoo goes to work invisibly, leaving absolutely no white residue. Not even on dark hair. Hair feels instantaneously clean, soft and beautifully fragranced without the hair's natural body and bounce being compromised.

The perfect choice for reviving your tresses quickly and on the go, simply spray directly onto your hair, massage and style.

Packaged in a confident, colourful and cool vibe and available in a range of incredible fashion-forward fragrances, COLAB has something for every occasion and every mood.

Below we’ve rounded up some of our favourite scents, including the two most recent additions to the COLAB family – Boho Rose and Black Violet.



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