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Tommy Hilfiger Partners With Indya Moore For Gender Fluid Capsule Collection

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Tommy Hilfiger has joined forces with non-binary activist and actor Indya Moore to create a gender-fluid capsule collection. The capsule, titled TommyXIndya, is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of the global community with a range of size-inclusive, non-gendered pieces.

The TommyXIndya partnership builds on Tommy Hilfiger’s ambitious People’s Place Program, a three-pillared platform with the mission of advancing representation in fashion and beyond.

“Great style knows no boundaries, and this has always driven my dream to create fashion for all,” says Tommy Hilfiger. “Our People’s Place Program is a huge step in this direction, as we continue to work hard to advance representation and further inclusivity across all areas of fashion.

“This collection embodies everything we stand for. From the design process to the campaign, the TommyXIndya partnership is here to make people feel seen, accepted, and included. This message means so much to everyone at Tommy Hilfiger. Working with Indya to share their story has been a unique and inspiring experience. We're so proud to share it with the world.”

In co-designing the TommyXIndya capsule collection, Indya Moore sought to empower their community to express themselves without limitations. From the polo shirt, Oxford button-down shirt, and bandeau top, to the pin-stripe blazer and double-bridged sunglasses, each style was inspired by a signature piece from the Tommy Hilfiger archive and reimagined to respect multiple gender expressions.

Features such as widened shoulders and adaptable silhouettes aim to encourage continuous self-expression, fluidity and exploration.

The capsule also tells Indya Moore’s personal story, with details like their initials in collegiate font, their hometown of the Bronx, New York spelled across the chest, and a lotus flower graphic running throughout, symbolising rebirth, growth, and self-actualisation.

“This capsule goes beyond great style,” says Indya Moore. “It breaks a cycle and sets a new standard across the industry. Too many people are made to feel that something is wrong with them just for being themselves. It means everything to me to know that with our capsule, no one is made to feel wrong or different or broken. Everyone works perfectly for this collection, no matter who they are.”

As part of the partnership, donations were made to three causes that resonate with both Indya Moore and Tommy Hilfiger’s values:

  • Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit that helps persecuted LGBTQI+ individuals around the world to find safety;

  • Reuniting of African Descants (ROAD), a Black trans-led grassroots project invested in advancing the social and economic well-being of African Descendants, with an urgent focus on queer, same-gender-loving, transgender, and non-binary people, and ultimately the entire community; and

  • the Global Coralition focuses on accelerating marine restoration with local island communities by combining the power of art and science.

Inspired by the spirit of these charities, Indya Moore also designed three charms that feature on the TommyXIndya bag and hat.



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