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Up Your Moisturising Game With A Serum

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Winter is a particularly tough and challenging time for your skin. Due to the sudden drop in temperature and the constant presence of cold, dry winds, the delicate balance of your skin can be thrown off.

These environmental changes often strip your skin of all the nourishing and precious natural oils, leaving it feeling dehydrated and looking flaky, red, and irritable.

The solution to this problem is upping your moisturising game. This does not mean going out and finding a heavy, dense cream that could clog your pores, but rather investing in a smart, specialised moisturising serum that specifically focuses on deeply hydrating and restoring dehydrated skin without disrupting your pre-existing routine.

And fortunately for us, this is exactly what SKNLOGIC has created. The SKNLOGIC Hydrating Serum is an effective and concentrated treatment for added hydration and skin relief. The secret to this miracle serum is its active ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid is now a common name for people looking for extra hydration and for good reason! This keystone ingredient attracts and holds a vast amount of water while revitalizing the skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin E protects the skin and assists in maintaining the skin’s oil balance (which is crucial in winter!) and is complemented by glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid and responsible for increasing cell turnover (allowing you to reach the gorgeous, new, fresh skin covered under the surface).

Besides those three super-ingredients, the SKNLOGIC Hydrating Serum is also loaded with vitamin C (an essential component for radiant skin); aloe vera, olive oil and shea butter (all responsible for locking in moisture); grapeseed and argan oil (improving skin elasticity); and fig extract and lactic acid to help with collagen production and promoting a smooth, even tone.

With all these incredible ingredients in one serum, become your skin’s best friend this winter by giving it all the moisture and protection it needs to stay fresh, healthy, and radiant this cold season.

Retail Price: R225 incl. VAT

Available in salons and spa’s across the country (find a stockist @ ) and online at



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