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Win A Battery Centre Voucher Valued at R2500

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

One lucky Mosadi subscriber could win a R2500 BatteryCentre voucher valid for 1 year.

Every day, thousands of South African motorists replace their faulty vehicle batteries, which means the old batteries are either dumped, or recycled.

Some of South Africa’s battery fitment specialists, such as BatteryCentre, actively recycle used lead-acid batteries to create a circular economy that has numerous positive effects on the environment.

Recovering non-renewable resources

A whopping 99% of battery components can be recycled, specifically, the lead and plastic. Recycling these materials reduces the need for expensive and destructive mining. However, the process of neutralising battery acid is dangerous, and can only be carried out in specialist recycling plants that strictly follow health and safety regulations.

“When it comes to recycling batteries, the commercial aspect is a great benefit, but it’s the environmental benefits that we’re passionate about,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery.

“By integrating a full recycling programme nationwide, we’re able to recover millions of batteries, recycle them and reuse the core components, which drastically reduces the need to mine and take more from our planet.”

Reuse plastic components

Plastic casings are broken, separated, cleaned and melted into pellets and used in the production of new batteries. This drastically reduces pollution and manufacturing energy, saves our fast-depleting landfill space, eases the demand on fossil fuel consumption and promotes sustainable manufacturing.

Harmful materials neutralised

In addition to lead, vehicle batteries also contain battery acid, which is highly poisonous, and when dumped in landfills, cause severe damage to plants, animals and surrounding communities.

The nationwide battery recycling programme initiated by some of South Africa’s well-known battery manufacturers ensure all harmful substances are neutralised and disposed of according to environmental regulations.

One lucky Mosadi subscriber could win a R2500 BatteryCentre voucher valid for

There are two ways you can be part of the solution. Firstly, drop your old batteries at any BatteryCentre around South Africa. They’re part of the largest battery recycling programme in the country and safely transport old batteries to an accredited and dedicated battery recycling plant.

Secondly, next time you need a new car, bike or truck battery, choose a battery fitment specialist with an active battery recycling programme.



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Competition closes at midnight on Sunday, 26 September 2021. The winner will be announced in the Mosadi Newsletter on Tuesday, 28 September 2021.



Competition is open to Mosadi Subscribers only. If you are not a subscriber, please sign up via the Subscribe button found on our menu tab.

The winner will be selected at random. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

The competition is not open to the directors, partners, employees, consultants, advertising and promotion agencies, associated companies of Mikateko Media or Mosadi Online, or their immediate partners and family.

Prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for their cash value.

Mikateko Media and Mosadi Online reserve the right to make media announcements about competition winners.

If winners cannot be reached within 30 days of announcement, their prizes will be forfeited and another winner will be selected.

Prizes will be distributed only within the Republic of South Africa.

Voucher winners must take an old car battery in store to redeem their voucher and receive the new battery.

The voucher is valued at R2 500 and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Should the winner’s car battery be valued at less than R2 500, the remainder of the voucher value cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.

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