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Koe'sister Directory

Dear Friends of Koe’sister


Thank you for celebrating with us at the Koe’sister Expo & Market 2022! Thank you for your support, encouragement, love and laughter that you shared with us – it helps us to be who we are. It has been a wonderful time for us being able to meet face to face, interact and feel alive! Thank you for participating in this event.


It was a great experience to unite with you, whether you were an exhibitor or a guest at our event. We appreciate your efforts, your
time and your support. Koe’sister is about camaraderie, fellowship and solidarity, and the love of seeing people do well, excel and move
toward greatness. The Koe’sister Expo & Market 2022 was an exhilarating experience for all of us – a festival of new learnings
and new beginnings for many.


The directory is a small token of appreciation to those exhibitors who worked hard at making this Expo & Market 2022 a success… Without you, there would have been no event. We salute small businesses, startups and young entrepreneurs, and therefore wish you prosperity.


Please continue to show your support and buy local. We are proudly South African and have a fantastic list of suppliers from whom you can purchase or source locally, ranging from foodpreneurs to fashion and beauty, house and home, wellness, property, education, and media.


You are our favourite people! Blessings beyond!

Desiree Johnson
Managing Director

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