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Living With Depression And Becoming A Stronger Version Of Yourself

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Depression impacts one in ten people and does not discriminate based on age, gender, or social status. Sadness, feeling down, and losing interest or pleasure in daily activities are familiar feelings for all of us, but when they persist and affect our lives substantially, the issue may be depression.

Depression is ongoing and can last for several weeks, months, or years. Some people may try to hide it or may not realise they have depression as some symptoms can be less obvious. What’s more, some people are unable to put their feelings into words fearing negative stigmas.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Look out for these symptoms and if you think you may have depression, talk to a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Reduced interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed

  • Appetite and weight changes

  • Changes in sleep habits

  • Alcohol or drug use

  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating, or making decisions

  • Loss of sexual desire

  • Agitation and restlessness

  • Slowed movement and speech

  • Fatigue or loss of energy

  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt

  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or an attempt at suicide.

Breaking depression

New research, published in the Psychiatry Journal, reveals that 39% of people (in the study) were able to enjoy a happy, healthy mindset after receiving ongoing treatment for their depression. The study defined recovery as,

  • Experiencing happiness or life satisfaction every day for at least a month

  • A full year without depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or substance abuse

  • Positive social and psychological wellbeing.

Depression is like Kintsugi

For some who have managed to break their depression, recovery has been compared to the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi involves repairing broken objects and painting the repaired areas in gold, accentuating rather than hiding the imperfections. Similarly, with the right treatment you can heal and live a fulfilled life.

If you or a family member are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and symptoms of depression, speak to your doctor.

Learn more about depression symptoms, diagnosis, causes and treatment on Our Mental Health, a website featuring professional insights and lifestyle advise for people living with depression and their caregivers.  



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