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Banish Maskne With SKNLOGIC

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

While masks are set to stay with us for some time to come, maskne shouldn’t have to stay as well and thanks to SKNLOGIC’s newly reformulated Clarify with Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid it won't have to.

SKNLOGIC’s Clarify with Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid is a skin-clarifying day or night treatment for acne-prone skin that helps clear skin, calm inflammation, treat blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

Key Ingredients include Banana extract, Grapeseed oil, Witch hazel extract, Hydrolysed collagen and Citric Acid. The banana extract assists in reducing skin inflammation while making the skin supple and soft and clearing acne. Grapeseed oil slows the process of ageing and prevents pores from clogging. Witch hazel extract locks in moisture and protects against cell damage. Hydrolysed Collagen balances the water content of the skin and Citric Acid assists with skin renewal.

Suitable for problematic skin and blemishes, SKNLOGIC’s Clarify does not contain Parabens, Sulphates, Synthetic Fragrance, and Synthetic Colourants, Lanolin derivatives, Mineral oil or MIT’s.

The brand has a synergistic approach to science and nature, offering powerful formulas with optimal concentrations of active ingredients to actively improve skin health and appearance from underneath the skin.

They use the maximum concentration of key active ingredients and use the highest grade of quality ingredients from around the world. While their ingredients are sourced from around the world to ensure that they have the highest grade of quality ingredients, their products are still proudly manufactured in South Africa. The source local raw materials and packaging where ever possible.

How to Use After cleansing and toning, apply sparingly to cleansed face and massage into skin. Use during the day and/or night as prescribed

SKNLOGIC’s Clarify is avilable at salons and spa's across the country or online via SKNLOGIC website.

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