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Conscious Manifestation – For People On A Quest For Significance

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Jonti Mayer is a self-confessed liberator of people from all that constrains them. The author has been in corporate coaching and consulting in South Africa since 2000 – empowering leaders to take themselves, their teams and their organisations to the next level.

Now the wisdom, experience and insight Jonti has gleaned from the transformational wisdom of the east and the west, together with cutting-edge methodologies and exercises, and his own personal journey are accessible to all who are yearning for change in their lives, in his brand-new book, Conscious Manifestation, with the subtext ‘Master your life and your business from the inside out – A manual for insight, inspiration, and creating a life of infinite possibility’.

Never has the time been more perfect for a book that guides readers towards manifesting their dreams, desires, visions, and goals. As we emerge from the most difficult year in living history and navigate new year’s resolutions and moving forward into 2021 with positivity and intent, Conscious Manifestation is a tool to heal broken spirits, and to invite abundance. It’s a book for people who are on the quest for significance and accomplishment… and a bit of magic.

As a sneak preview, here is an extract from the book exclusive to Mosadi Online:

“Whether you are a corporate leader, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or just an individual walking the earth, you are on this planet to master manifestation – whether you know it or not. Manifestation is not an overly esoteric topic, but rather a process that many of us are consciously or unconsciously attempting to master every day. It is the process of taking desire, a need or an idea and turning it into a tangible reality.

Conscious Manifestation is exciting. It activates our creativity and our divine power.

The light bulb. The aeroplane. The cell phone. The iPad. 3D printers. All magic.

Every successful business result has an element of magic and manifestation to it.

Behind every one of these achievements stood a magician of sorts, with a deep desire to do the seemingly impossible. They transformed and manifested their ideas and dreams into the realities we experience and take for granted today.”

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