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Get Creative This Valentine’s Day

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Being stuck at home during lockdown doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day has to be boring this year. In fact, you can easily have a romantic, fun and creative time in the comfort of your own home, celebrating love while remaining safe and healthy.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

While certain restrictions may put a damper on things, you can actually use this lockdown to your advantage. Now is the time to think outside the box, be a little more creative and make some beautiful, lifelong memories.

A recent study by global advertising agency Havas recently revealed that South Africans are getting more creative in the bedroom and trying new things during the lockdown.

Roughly 25% of respondents agreed “yes” to the question “have you been more creative in the bedroom during lockdown”. This seems to correlate with international research conducted by OnePoll which looked into the sexual habits of millennials during lockdown. They found that during lockdown 30% of people had tried something new when it comes to sex.

The US publication Psychology Today found that sales of lingerie had also rocketed during lockdown, hitting levels usually only seen around Valentine’s Day, showing that it’s not just Millennials who have been putting lockdown time to good use.

So as we prepare for Valentine’s Day at home this year the options really are endless for creating the right atmosphere for a memorable experience. Here are some productive ideas to spruce up the day (and night) for you and your loved one.

Start With Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is about love, which includes self-love, so prepare for your special evening by dressing up and doing your hair and nails.

You wouldn’t skip these on a date-night out so why skip them now? For a salon-quality treat, you may want to try label.m’s lust-worthy Diamond Dust Shampoo and Conditioner.

For your nails, Mavala has a wonderful range of nail polish colours to select from and if you need to put on a pair of nails without going to the salon try Kiss French nails and you could enhance your eyes with Kiss Natural Lashes Flirty.

Since we’re going all out invest in some new underwear that feels good and makes you look great. We’ve spent months on the couch in loungewear so don’t be afraid to dress up for the occasion.

Set The Mood

Restaurants and hotels have mastered the art of setting the mood for Valentine’s Day but don’t dismay you can do the same thing at home. It’s all about the ambience. Nothing says romantic atmosphere quite like candles, so start by lighting a few. Set the tone for a pleasurable evening with a playlist for your loved one with songs you both enjoy.

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to create a romantic smelling ambience. Try SOil’s range of sensual essential oils using their ultrasonic aroma diffuser.

Finally, instead of the usual restaurant dinner date (or ordering in), try experimenting in the kitchen with your partner, cooking up your favorite foods and then sitting down to enjoy your hard work. It is surprisingly satisfying to cook a delicious meal at home, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to talk and connect.

Finish Strong

After satisfying your appetite, an ‘at-home’ spa treatment is a romantic way to unwind, feel good and boost confidence. Relax in a warm bubble bath or grab some foot soaks, lotions, face masks and candles to relax and treat yourself and your partner.

Perhaps you could persuade your partner to give you a relaxing massage after your luxurious bath and if you need a little help getting into the mood try Biomedcan’s Pleasure capsules or Lady Prelox’s Intimacy Supplements.

If the mood evades you, you can always snuggle up and snack while watching your favourite rom-com.

Whether you're into whips and chains or snuggling on the sofa this Valentine's Day the point is that staying home, saving money, being creative and showing appreciation for your partner can create a Valentine’s to remember, despite the uncertain circumstances we find ourselves in.



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