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Have You Added Your Personal Touch?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Looking for an easy to use, eco-friendly, no residue laundry detergent? Then the innovative Personal Touch Auto Washing Powder Sheets are just what you need.

Personal Touch is bringing innovation to the laundry market with their Auto Washing Powder Sheets. “Personal Touch’s new Auto Washing Powder Sheets not only tips the innovation scales in their favour, but also delivers on what its promise – smart sheets, easy laundry,” says Sarah Webb, Brand Manager: Personal Touch.

Easy to use, friendlier to the environment, lighter to carry, compact to store, and most importantly results in ultra-clean laundry, with no residue, these powder sheets take the stress out of laundry, by doing it the smart way:

  1. No more mathematical conundrums to figure out how much washing powder to use for a load of washing. Half a load (2 - 3kg) = half a sheet. A full load (4 - 6kg) = one full sheet. Nothing could be easier. Simply place the sheet into the drum, add your clothes and begin the washing cycle.

  2. Who ever said washing powder is a space saver? No one. It is time for us to think inside the box! These innovative sheets come in a compact, easy to carry, easy to store and easy use box, that won’t take up too much of your much-needed cupboard space. The equivalent of a 2kg bag of washing powder, is available in a box weighing only 90g, with each box containing 18 sheets, which allows for more washes than a 2kg bag of washing powder.

  3. Think green. You can rest assured that these powder sheets are friendlier to the environment, with 64% less plastic being used than in a 2kg bag of washing powder. Swapping from powder to sheets is the green decision.

  4. Clean clothes, with no residue – now that is smart laundry. Equally effective in both hot and cold water, it promises ultra clean results while being tough on stains, creating a new laundry experience from beginning to end.

“The future of the laundry industry has arrived and we are proud to be driving this innovation,” says Sarah.

Product available at selected Spar and Clicks stores nationwide.



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