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Inside The House of Martha & Alinah

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Our style is often inspired by those around us. This statement holds true for Mpumi Ngwenya-Tshabangu who recently started her own clothing line named after her stylish grandmothers Martha and Alinah.

The House of Martha & Alinah is an ode to the opulence, elegance and timelessness of the fashion Mpumi was exposed to through her grandmothers growing up.

“My grandmothers were extremely stylish, with timeless looks that I wanted to recreate through this line,” notes Mpumi, who is also known popularly as “Missposhglam”.

The AW19 and SS20 Capsule Collection

The Martha and Alinah collection embodies the flawless sense of style this fashionista portrays.

The AW19 and SS20 capsule collection features pieces that exude class and sophistication, from the tweed dresses to the best sellers such as the lantern sleeve dress.

The collection has something to make every woman feel like royalty and each collection hosts one of a kind items that are hand selected by Mpumi herself.

Mpumi and her grandmother Alinah
Mpumi and her grandmother Alinah

Global Luxury Standard

Mpumi says she created this line not only as a legacy of her family, but also as a means to connect and empower local business. She has collaborated with both local and internationally renowned suppliers and designers.

Having access to quality luxury suppliers both locally and abroad, further motivates her ambition to create a fashion line of global luxury standard.

“South Africa has a wealth of talented designers and I felt that it is important as a local brand to put local designers on the map as we can compete on a global level with the talent and beautiful fabrics that we have” says Mpumi.

Branching Out

Mpumi’s aspirations for the business include having a store in each major South African city within the next five years especially in Durban and Cape Town, launching a shoe line by 2020 in collaboration with her mother in continuation of the family name and the style that runs in the family.

“I have always been inspired by the women in my family, from their style to the women that they are at heart, which is why through this brand I would like to carry the legacy of my family to greater heights.”

Her grandmothers fashion sense not only inspired her clothing line, she envisions Martha and Alinah extending into furniture as well. This vision is influenced by the home style her grandmothers had when she was growing up.

“My grandmothers’ sense of style wasn’t just limited to how they looked, but they extended this into their homes, and it was an absolute pleasure being able to grow and witness this and to aspire to embody this into my life, and I am excited to do this through this brand.”



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