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Local Podcasts To Binge On This December

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

There’s nothing better than listening to an interesting podcast to help pass the time while doing mindless tasks, driving to your holiday destination, or exercising. Whether you prefer light entertainment or want to sink your teeth into something meatier, here are some popular recommendations.

Business, entrepreneurship and money

Stripped Money Conversations: Inspiring money stories ranging from rebuilding your finances after divorce, to stokvels, to investing in property. Listen here.

Ideas Exchange by UCT Graduate School of Business: Listen to experts talk about a range of topics, such as women in business, digital marketing, 4IR, management & business education and entrepreneurship. Listen here.

Farmer’s Inside Track: Up-and-coming agri-preneurs and farmers, this one is for you. This Food for Mzansi production offers information and inspiration to help you start up and get to sprinting speed as commercial producers or agri-processors. Listen here.

Social issues and culture

What’s the Quarantee: Host Tarryn Cardré describes it as “a loud-mouthed, fast-paced, no-nonsense podcast where we explore culture and tradition through the lens of an unproblematic-problematic intersectional feminist”. Think dilution of the body positive movement, cancel culture and trans womanhood. Listen here.

One night in Snake Park: Sound Africa’s latest podcast investigates violence, xenophobia and corruption in South Africa’s townships. Listen here.

Just for a Change: The podcast is powered by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Under discussion are topics of social innovation and social justice discussed in a way that is digestible and thought provoking. Systemic shock, building peace and spacial justice are some of the topics covered. Listen here.

Pangea sessions: If ‘A feminine Take on Capitalism’; ‘Debunking De-colonization’ and ‘The F Word’ piques your interest, take a listen to this conversational podcast with a diverse panel. Listen here.

Current affairs and news

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: for fascinating insights on the story behind the stories, brought to you by The Daily Maverick news website. Listen here.

True Crime South Africa: this victim-focused podcast covers unsolved and solved crimes. The host, Nicole Engelbrecht, gives listeners a deep dive into each covered case by doing research of media coverage, trial footage, social media sources and interviews. Listen here.

Pop culture and travel

Chica Travel with Lelo: this podcast provides travellers with information and tools to make the most of your next trip. Lelo Boyana chats to fellow globetrotters and industry experts providing listeners with the ultimate go-to resource. Listen here.

What’s IGN Crushing On: Lifestyle and entertainment journalist Caryn Welby-Soloman chats to guests about music, films, series and everything in between. Listen here.

Author: Leanne Feris



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