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Mohair Shines In Diamond Fibre Collections

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Local design studios Lukhanyo Mdingi, Judith Atelier, and MmusoMaxwell have joined together to take part in the Diamond Fibre Collections, a never-before-seen collection of designer fashion that celebrates the versatility and luxury of mohair.

Nicknamed ‘the diamond fibre’, mohair is a soft and lustrous fibre that boasts impressive dye retention, elasticity and resilience. With South Africa producing around half of all the mohair in the world, the Diamond Fibre Collections are a celebration of local designers, fabrics, producers and fashion.

Receiving substantial support over the last 12 months, from raw materials to marketing support and mentorship, the designers are ready to showcase this stunning collection in the first-ever digital South African Fashion Week (SAFW) set for early October 2020.

The Collection Incorporating mohair and mohair blends, the designers have worked with the extraordinary fibre to create contemporary, modern and refined trans-seasonal collections. Through their designs, we see each label playing to their individual strengths while making full use of the versatility of mohair.

Oversized and bulky cuts are juxtaposed against straight lines and soft, flowing creations that accentuate the human form. Traditional weaves are brought to life through soft colours, often offset by starkly contrasted brighter shades and complementary colours, making full use of the incredible dye retention properties of the textile.

The Designers

Lukhanyo Mdingi

With a profound interest in considered and sincere design, the spirit of collaboration yields the Lukhanyo Mdingi label in creating meticulously made pieces. The intention is to ensure a pragmatic and mindful approach in product development; looking into human ingenuity as the provenance in creating design that is honest, steady and strong.

Adhering to a mindful approach to design the label collaborates with select artisans that source & create unique textiles, allowing all those involved to understand the essence of each step of the design process.


Founded by Judith Nel in 2014, Judith-Atelier has since become the voice of modern minimalism. The studio is celebrated for its versatility, strong sense of sophistication, and effortless approach to providing women with the perfect attire for every aspect of their lives.

Bold, intuitive and refined, each collection features the finest craftsmanship and materials, adapting Judith’s own personal style to the needs and desires of women who want distinctive, luxurious garments.


MmusoMaxwell is a womenswear fashion brand that creates garments inspired by African heritage and contemporary culture, with a particular emphasis on tailoring to complement the modern woman. The studio focuses on accentuating detail, practicality and wearability through a well-considered design process that gives a sense of value and quality.

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