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Soul Searching With The Maverick Mums

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The modern woman has much more on her plate compared to her 50s counterpart and at times it’s easy to lose sight of a sense of “self” somewhere between finishing up the last chore, working for a living and speed-cooking a meal.

If this sounds a lot like you, you’ll be happy to know that relighting your independent, adventurous soul could be as simple as taking a break with a group of like-minded women. In the case of Somerset businesswoman and wanderluster, Rhiannon Swannell, this is exactly what she needed and now she is helping other working moms to do the same.

Frustrated with the balancing act of family responsibility and a desire to reconnect with her authentic self, Rhiannon joined forces with Catherine Edsell, expedition leader and founder of The Matriarch Adventure™ to provide an African adventure that supports mums to step away from their ordinary lives and embrace the ultimate in ‘me time’ and a total digital detox.

The Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure

The Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure expedition is a unique 10 day trip into the Namibian wilderness, tracking the elusive desert elephants, sleeping under the stars, sharing meals and stories around a campfire, joining inspired guide-led trekking days and taking the time to connect with other mums, to remember who they are when they are not defined by the clutter and the confines of everyday life.

Starting in the lively seaside town of Swakopmund, this transformative empowering and fully supported ‘Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure’ is for women who have an adventurous spirit, care about the environment and want to spend time in the company of other women who feel the same.

Built around a sustainable expedition model, the trip is facilitated by conservation volunteer group Elephant-Human Relations Aid (EHRA), an NGO established to promote a positive co-existence between local people and desert adapted elephants.

The Journey Within

An itinerary for the trip is provided online but Rhiannon is keen to stress that the impetus for taking her first trip, after the sudden and sad death of her father, was to simplify and find her sense of freedom and self again so there is space for non-routine plans.

Her and Catherine’s joint philosophy, that we have unnecessarily over-complicated our lives, encourages fellow travellers to take time to find out what is truly important to them.

This deep connection to the now, and the unpredictable nature of an elephant herd’s wanderings, allows for a certain flexibility in the timetable along with a few special surprise moments that will be revealed only to those taking part.

The literal and practical aspects of the journey being in such capable hands allows Rhiannon to facilitate the personal ‘journey within’.

Every woman is encouraged to take up the chance to journal her personal experiences as well joining inspiring and laughter filled evenings of chat with campmates before falling asleep under a myriad of stars.

“I thought my urge to keep travelling and find new experiences was maybe me not being good enough at the ‘mum’ thing. But this became such a common conversation in the Maverick Mums social media group that I realised I had to get out and travel again and again,” Rhiannon explains.

“I’m very lucky to have a supportive partner which helps but, bigger than the practical domestic side, for most women the issue is actually guilt. Guilt at taking time for yourself. But once I started out, I discovered that apparently it isn’t only me that can run our home. I can’t stress enough how the first brave step in this adventure is getting out of the front door!”

If you would like to read more about Rhiannon’s personal journey and be inspired to take the step from the front door into the wilderness of Namibia you can find details of the next ‘Maverick Mums Matriarch Adventure’ trip running 12-21 June 2020 on the Maverick Mums website.



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