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Take Twist Outs To The Next Level

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Twists outs are a curly girl staple. It is one of the easiest styles to do, so it’s perfect for even the new natural venturing into the world of exploring their curls.

Also known as the two-strand twist, twist outs allow you to create a variety of looks from tight ringlets to large curls and wonderful waves. Another bonus is that it doubles as a protective style that you can enjoy for weeks at a time.

As is the case with any style, product choice and technique are key. So take your twist outs to the next level with this guide.

For more information check out The Perfect Hair’s comprehensive Hair Bible

What makes twist outs even more terrific? Healthy hair, of course. South African natural hair influencer and hair coach, Raquel (from the Curl Factory), shares a top tip for great hair using the Grow on the Go range from The Perfect Hair.



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