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Just Like The Feel Good Effects Of Candy… But For Your Skin

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Raeesa Bagus, Founder of Skin Candy, has taken the natural skincare world by storm with supplement, transdermal and topical ranges formulated for flawless, radiant skin. Stemming from her own experiences with an auto-immune disease, Raeesa dedicated most of her life to sustainable wellness.

Skin Candy Raeesa Bagus
Raeesa Bagus, Founder of Skin Candy.

Skin Candy has launched the first ever 2 supplement Glutathione formulation. With the increased demand for immune boosting vitamins over the past year, Skin Candy’s offering is a double whammy: skincare and immune support in one. It doesn’t get better than that.

A pioneer in natural clinical skincare, Raeesa couldn't find natural products that were able to eliminate the cause of skin problems such as breakouts, pigmentation and sun damage, and which met her standards of efficacy, quality, natural no-side effect ingredients and the correct clinical doses. Shortly after the birth of her first baby and the rapid deterioration of her previously youthful and radiant skin, she started Skin Candy to make a skincare range that targeted the root of underlying skin issues for herself, and for women like her who refuse to risk their health for beauty.

Skin Candy skincare natural
Skin Candy's new skincare range.

There had to be a way to halt the effects of big events on your skin without the using harmful medication or doing drastic surgeries. Skin Candy’s innovations in skin supplements, transdermal patches and topical treatments were formulated on the core belief that life’s stresses are no reason for you to have to lose your youthful skin. We all deserve to look flawless despite what life throws our way.

“Your skincare products should make you feel great, inside and out,” says Raeesa.

She plays an active role in interacting with customers, new product lines and formulations as well as product testing – ensuring that everything Skin Candy launches meets her expectations, from packaging to performance. Raeesa dedicates her time to listening to what her clients want and how to bring it to them through the safest and most effective product ranges. As a proudly South African company, Skin Candy takes pride in all their products being manufactured and/or packaged locally.

“Your skin is your confidence, and when your skin looks great you can be whoever you want to be,” she adds.

With so many natural products out there and the newfound trend towards natural and organic, it was vital that Skin Candy’s natural ingredients were correctly dosed and combined with complementary partner ingredients to yield results. Skin Candy has successfully formulated a skincare range with optimal clinical doses of their flagship key ingredient, Glutathione, along with other complementary skin perfecting ingredients. The intention was to put the science back in beauty and It worked. The science extends into their entire range: topical, transdermal and oral treatments.

Most skin issues are a result of something happening inside your body. Skin Candy’s products are designed to create flawless skin from within by targeting the underlying cause of any skin concern. Prevention is better than cure and a considerate, scientific, formulation approach equals a flawless glow that you can be proud to show off.

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