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Zolani Mahola: Bringing Music To The Masses Online

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Zolani Mahola
Zolani Mahola

South African singer, actress and transformational speaker Zolani Mahola, has invited fans to tune into her Instagram page @zolanimahola every weekday night from 6pm – 6.30pm.

Here, the lead singer of the internationally acclaimed South African music group Freshlyground, will spend 30 minutes singing and chatting. Sharing her thoughts about life, love, family, isolation, lockdown and Covid-19.

Zolani's invitation comes at a time when many people in the country are searching for ways to stay sane during the 21 day national lockdown implemented by government to help flatten the Covid-19 curve.

Commenting on the situation Zolani says: “There is a gift in every moment.  This is a time for calm and a time to go inward. For so many of us decisions have been taken out of our hands in this time. 

"Let’s find relief in letting go of control and look to the things we can have power over. Like looking after ourselves and those we love. Washing hands and holding space more quietly.  We are more than what we do.  Now is the chance to connect with who we are.  So sit quietly and listen to yourself. Draw, sing with the children. Do all the things you don’t have to do. Dream all the dreams waiting to come true.  In love and in light.”

Here is a link to one of Zolani's Instagram Gigs to cheer you up.



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