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5.5% Wine Range: Half The Alcohol And Kilojoules

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Stellenbosch winery, Spier, has launched a Chenin Blanc and Shiraz containing less than 50% of the alcohol and kilojoules*.  The Spier 5.5% range takes its name after the alcohol percentage of the wine, and was specially developed to meet the needs of a growing number of wine lovers who don’t want to sacrifice a glass of good wine while following a healthier lifestyle.

“Our winemaking team is constantly finding ways to innovate responsibly, fulfilling the evolving needs of our customers,” explains Spier’s acclaimed Cellar Master, Frans Smit. “After careful development, consideration and finessing, we’ve found a way to maintain the premium, layered wines our customers have come to expect from Spier. At only 36 calories per 100ml, we are confident that the Spier 5.5% wines will satisfy wine lovers’ tastebuds with the added benefit of considerably lower alcohol and kilojoules.”

*50% less alcohol and kilojoules of a Spier wine of the same varietal or 13.5% table wine.

Light and fruity, Spier 5.5% arrives just in time for spring and early summer sunshine as a refreshing poolside or picnic accompaniment. These fun-loving wines have a responsible side too: the lower ABV makes it an ideal choice for a business lunch or busy day.

Spier 5.5% Chenin Blanc

This unwooded Chenin Blanc offers the characteristic flavours and complexity that the varietal is known for. Naturally lighter in style, it is crisp and fruity, with flavours of pear and apple, and hints of litchi. Enjoy chilled on its own or with light summer salad. 

kJ/100mL: 149kJ

Cal/100mL: 36kCal

Spier 5.5% Shiraz

Full of flavour and complexity, this unwooded and naturally light Shiraz has a juicy layering of subtle spice, red fruit and mulberry. Great on its own or with grilled meat and seasonal vegetables. 

kJ/100mL: 153kJ

Cal/100mL: 37kCal

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