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Buchu Julep

Plus four more whisky-based cocktails.

Buchu Julep

Recipes by Toor whisky

  • 50 ml Toor whisky

  • 3 slices of mango

  • ½ tsp dried buchu leaves

  • 2 mint leaves

  • 20 ml simple syrup

  • Soda water to top off

  1. In a tumbler muddle the mango, buchu and simple syrup together.

  2. Top with the Toor and top with crushed ice.

  3. Top up soda water.

  4. Garnish with dried buchu leaves and fresh mint.

Strawberry Fashioned

Sparkling Elderflower Sour

Tropical Toor

Berry Toor

The South African Toor whisky is also available in the Rooibos Whisky Aperitif and Camel Thorn Whisky Aperitif variants.


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