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All You Need Is Love...And Lashes

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

If you recently caught a glimpse of yourself on a Zoom video call and realised that your brows or lashes are looking a little sparse, fret not. There is a solution for everything these days and all you need for those balding brows is a little vitamin B.

UniQBrows signature eyebrow and eyelash growth serum could be exactly what you are searching for to restore a little body to your brows and lashes.

Clients how the serum works and in a nutshell, the serum is packed with potent ingredients like vitamins B5, B7 and amino acids that stimulate the hair follicles while feeding them with all the nutrients they need to grow thicker, longer hair.

The UniQ formula also deeply nourishes brittle lashes, while the melanin-boosting active ingredient ensures deeper pigmentation. High-quality blend of peptides, tri-peptides and an extract of red clover.

  • Boosts Lash & Brow Growth

  • Extends the Hair Life Cycle

  • Fuller Brows & Lashes

  • Strengthens Brow & Lash Hairs

  • Natural boost to your hair

  • Ph balanced

The new and improved UniQBrows Growth Serum is available to purchase online via the UniQBrows website.



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