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Keeping South Africa Safe With Smart Technology

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Born from the critical need to equip every woman, individual, business, and community with private emergency services, and supporting the #RebuildSA movement, local business Secura has brought to market its mobile app.

The geo-security mobile platform uses Google Maps technology to instantly tap into a nationwide network of leading private armed response, medical emergency and armed stand-by roadside assistance services - at the push of a button.

With crime being a harsh reality in SA, compounded by the cost of private security provider fees, many South Africans lack instant access to private emergency assistance during these trying economic times.

With the Secura solution, customers need no existing private affiliation to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) providers, with tens of thousands of South Africans already benefitting from the Secura service.

App subscriptions are available for just R49 per month per person or R149 for a family subscription for 5 people. Customers can also opt to purchase a panic device and subscription to enable instant emergency response without a mobile phone, as well as convenient vouchers through the online store. Affordably offering a much-needed emergency solution for all, making South Africa a safer place to be.

Secura is affiliated with over 280 private armed response companies, over 2000 armed response vehicles and over 3600 armed response officers across our country, equipped to assist with the hundreds of emergency call outs on a weekly basis. The Secura network has to date rendered services to thousands of emergencies.

Rochelle, a Secura customer says, “When I used the Secura panic button I got a response immediately. It gives you peace of mind knowing that the app is connected to multiple security companies and medical responders, meaning quicker response times, at a fraction of the cost.”

Staying safe in South Africa

Shayne Katz, Managing Director of Secura comments, “Given the statistics of escalating crime in the country, combined with countrywide unrest that can resurge at any time, it has become more important than ever for individuals and businesses to ramp up private emergency and security response measures.

It remains critical that every South African has access to affordable private armed and medical emergency response, at their fingertips. Given our volatile environment, every person in South Africa should be able to access reliable emergency services.

Secura is committed to affordably delivering increased safety for children at schools, at businesses, for individuals, and within communities. We dedicate our lives to the protection and preservation of human life, in any emergency. When it comes to emergencies, especially in South Africa, one needs fast response, by highly skilled responders, exactly where you are.”

Shayne explains that Secura provides peace of mind and rapid emergency response to, amongst others, those living alone, anyone travelling in isolated or high crime areas, the elderly, single women, sport lovers, cyclists and runners, outdoor enthusiasts, individuals living or working in high crime areas, scholars and teenagers, truck drivers, shift workers and retail staff, to name a few.

How does Secura work?

After downloading the Secura app from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery, users create a profile by supplying contact and personal details so that in the case of an emergency, emergency responders can quickly and easily identify and track you.

When the app panic button is pressed in an emergency, the Secura control centre team is instantly alerted of your location, you receive an immediate call back to enquire about the type of emergency.

Depending on whether a medical, security or roadside emergency, Secura engages the geo-tracking technology to locate and dispatch the closest security team or ambulance to your exact location. The Secura responder then stays on the line to provide support, dialogue and contact with the client. The call out is only closed off only once the team knows that the user is 100% safe.

“Protecting your family, loved ones and your livelihood is everyone’s basic instinct, it is why we do everything to ensure your loved ones stay safe and get the help they deserve,” adds Shayne. “



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