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Time To Raise The Bar, Not The Bottle

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Founded by two young South Africans, be.bare was born out of a desire to empower people to make greener, more ethically-minded choices in their daily personal care regimes. Starting with the launch of their innovative haircare bars, be.bare set its sights on ridding the modern bathroom of single-use plastic to minimise the catastrophic impact this material is wreaking on the planet.

The founders are firm believers in the idea that business should be a force for good in society, and particularly that companies should be conscious of and accountable for the full lifecycle of the products and packaging they put out into the world. Holding themselves to high environmental standards hasn’t made their journey easy, but they definitely believe it’s worth it.

Say no to plastic: Where do your bottled hair products end up once empty? Most will end up in landfill and take approximately 400 years to break down. By switching to be.bare products, you can make a simple swap in your beauty regime for a far more sustainable (plastic-free) future.

Save water: Water is scarce and the average bottled shampoo and conditioner is actually made up of between 75% to 90% water. be.bare’s formulas do not contain water and neither does it form part of their manufacturing process. They don’t add the water, you do! The range is:

· 100% plastic-free

· Made without water

· Vegan and cruelty-free

Shampoo bars

Their range of shampoos is packed with wonderful, natural ingredients to gently cleanse and care for your hair for a healthy mane and happy scalp. Lightweight and liquid-free compared, be.bare’s solid shampoos (and conditioners) also make the ideal travelling partners for great hair on the go. No more bothersome liquid restrictions to worry about when you fly.

  • Free of SLS/SLES, parabens, petroleum, phthalates and synthetic fragrance

  • Gentle yet effective, pH-balanced and colour-safe

  • Quick-foaming bars that create a rich and creamy lather

  • Subtly scented with organic essential oils

  • Non-irritating and nurturing for hair, scalp and skin

Conditioner bars

Their conditioner bars boast detangling superpowers that will soften and smooth hair within seconds, leaving your locks beautifully nourished without weighing them down.

  • Free of silicones, mineral oils, parabens and synthetic fragrance

  • pH-balanced and safe for colour-treated hair

  • Long-lasting, fast-acting bars packed with hydrating ingredients

  • Delicately scented with organic essential oils

  • Can also be used as a highly effective in-shower moisturiser

Products are available in over 100 Clicks stores nationwide, at selected Wellness Warehouse stores and other independent retailers.

Visit the website, or connect with be.bare on Facebook and Instagram.



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